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LISP: Judges and Sponsorships

The Lisp In Summer Projects organizers are happy thank our generous sponsors who are awarding FIVE new $500 prizes!

In addition to support from LispNYC and the Association of Lisp Users, both Genworks International and Jane Street are each supporting several prizes.

  • Genworks International provides a general purpose declarative Language (GDL), for creating web-centric knowledge based engineering and business applications. Genworks also authors The Gendl Project for high-level declarative, object-oriented problem solving, including but not limited to the ability to generate and manipulate 3D geometry.
  • Jane Street is a technologically intense trading firm. With functional programming playing an essential role in everything, it is as much a technology company as a trading firm. Join Jane Street today!
  • DOUBLET helps you convey your message to other linguistic communities by providing human and machine-assisted translations of business and product documentation as well as website and software localization. DOUBLET is the translation company that links you to the rest of the world.

We are also pleased to announce a truly incredible lineup of judges for the competition.

Judging the competition is an international panel of academic and industrial experts in the fields of artificial intelligence, mathematics, functional programming, LISP and language development.

The Finalist Judges, hailing from IBM, Google, Northeastern University, University of Paris, Kyoto University and Clojure will ultimately determine the prize winners.

Some of the judges are the actual authors of the technologies underlying this competition and are established leaders in the field as well. We are both thankful and honored by their participation.

The language and coding expert judges are recognized leaders in their respective fields. They have authored dozens of books and combined, possess hundreds of instructional and industrial years of experience.

Visit the website for a complete list of sponsors and judges.

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