Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.Callback hell and core.async Clojure Protocols - powerful and simple unification of assoc dissoc update-in Sorensen OSCON 2014 Keynote: "The Concert Programmer" cool Clojure functions Internals of places and setforms 1.2.2 released Proper Pronunciation of Clojure's Assoc on HN of Maven security vulnerability that affects Lein. project-local library installer for Common Lisp Clojure core.async: Channels[Call for Papers] 2014 Scheme and Functional Programming Workshop that I don't like Racket... someone walk me through creating a barebones web app with oauth2? Choice of Data Structure Started with Scheme for Little Scheme the SICP? Keycloak and Immutant (New to clojure!), what are worksheets good for anyway? [Gorilla REPL] [video] X-Men to Rethink Streams - a command-line static site generator written in Common Lisp, JSON & ClojureScript Destructuring Tutorial and Cheat Sheet - Painless benchmarking with Leiningen and Criterium[ANN]nginx-clojure v0.2.4 released music with Clojure and Overtone macro from The Joy of Clojure for debugging Common Lisp - Peter Seibel (video)’s Improved Clojure Language Support Closer Look at Transit with ClojureScript and Om explained Costanza: A Lisper's first impression of Julia in QBASIC Seesaw exception I'm productive in Clojure interpreter to embed in Python application debugging tips? the tests/examples in your README 0.9.4 is out Lupton: SLIME for Emacs Live Realms in Computer Science to the standards? - a Scheme implementation in Rust in Summer Projects: Results news: July 2014 Quicklisp dist update now available Racket Game Library viable option for a command line? tagged delimited continuations with reset and shift Beane: International Lisp Conference 2014 Paepcke, "User-Level Language Crafting" -- CLOS MOP do you approach solving a problem using lisp? Dream Scheme Operating System for Common Lisp Literate Programming registration for the International Lisp Conference in Montreal ends tomorrow, Monday, July 14th. After that the price goes up a lot. Register now! António Menezes Leitão presenting a working Lisp Machine -- 2013ónio_menezes_leitão_presenting_a_working/Colin Lupton: Hacking Lisp in the Cloud, Part 2 Beane: Common Lisp bits Lisp The Hard Way emacs and SLIME, what would you reccomend as a lisp development environment. architecture in Common Lisp? A simple Scheme compiler for x86_64 systems Levine: International Lisp Conference, Montréal Monadic List Operators Into Scheme (with Delimited Continuations) analysis in guile, by Andy Wingo Hyde: Docker, part 2 Lisp Developer, Ravenpack, Marbella, Spain all you looking to understand Lambda Calculus Scheme 0.5.5 (R7RS/R6RS) has been released continuations with multiple shifts? I learn Lambda calculus. Continuations Scheme: Practical Issues of A Scheme Compiler Are Continuations So Darn Cool? 4.9.0 has been released R7RS Small Scheme Timeline | Wisdom and Wonder scheme should atom-script use? Judges and Sponsorships/blog/heow/lisp-judges-and-sponsorshipsThe Inverse of A Famous Equation/blog/lisppets/the-inverse-of-a-famous-equationExpected Blog Contents/blog/cfield/expected-blog-contentsSummer of Code 2012/blog/default/summer-of-code-2012The clojure web-dev ecosystem just gets better and better/blog/brian/the-clojure-webdev-ecosystem-just-gets-better-and-betterLispNYC presentation slides/blog/acheron/lispnyc-presentation-slides(((earthquake!)))/blog/euske/earthquakeA tour of the Clojure landscape/blog/ericlavigne/a-tour-of-the-clojure-landscape