Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.RT @michaelossmann: Google 2004: says "Don't be evil." 2013: makes military robots 2015: sponsors robot revolution @rcalo: Call for papers for We Robot 2016 closes November 1. CL 10.0 is here: Verna: ELS 2016 Call for Papers don't know if this is a good forum for this, but I was working on translati... living brain simulation replicates sensory rat behaviour @reddit_lisp_ja: #lisp_ja アニメ版すべてがFになるのEDでCommonLisp登場 | @king_cons: This is pretty crazy: Like, just black box the whole app and have an AI figure out if the internals … HN: A simple bare-metal Forth for the PDP-10 Post: Functional Programming: Links, News And Resources (20) @ElizabethBohm: @j2bryson: your iPhone is intelligent but would it be wrong to turn it off, no #urobotwm @ElizabethBohm: @j2bryson: don't need to build AI to compete like humans so don't need to worry about them taking over the world #urobot… recent holiday in Japan has inspired a series of minimalist geometric #quil sketches: #processing #clojure've just watched the movie "Maritan" (aka "How many times do we need to save... compared #scheme vs #clojure - see results: Concurrency-Friendly Data Structures (2008) my book, "Clojure Data Structures and Algorithms" with a 50% discount by ... Beane: Meta: the Lisp Meetings calendar Om Next Devcards How To | image of the day #Clojure #Clevolution via image of the day #Clojure #Clevolution @ClojureWerkz: New Clojure book, focuses on data structures and algorithms #clojure teaching us how to teach at Den of #Clojure. tag #clojure interesting blog series on arguably-the-best-programming-book out there #SICP in #Clojure -> [recommended] The Clojure Toolbox now has 500 categorised libraries and tools | ~60ms to ~0.15ms per event in photon ( #Clojure core.async is truly an amazing piece of software engineering. @Functionalworks: It's Functional Programming Friday! Please RT and shout about using #fsharp #clojure #haskell #erlang #scala #ocaml h… Clojure compared to Python for high-traffic microservice backend - feedback/opinions requested | there a way to get rainbow parens in Sublime? #clojure is great month to learn #Clojure. Two hands-on session: Oct 14 and 28th in @LocusWorkspace viene el primer #clojure meetup en Uruguay! not miss #clojure workshop from @smartme_ua and @lambdadmitry #FP / please RTНе пропусти тренинг по #clojure от @smartme_ua и Дмитрия Грошева aka @lambdadmitry / please RT will definitely challenge by #scala #ruby and #clojure in arena of #MachineLearning @krisajenkins: Extra! Extra! YeSQL version 0.5.1 in public release shocker. Read all about it: #clojure’ve missed coding with you, #clojure. @cognitect: Big changes in #banking and financial services made possible with #clojure and #datomic - #fintech civilians that used to just wander, but will soon cower in place #noquarter #clojure #declarative Meier (@gigasquid) is on another podcast talking #clojure by @cognitect @ClojureWerkz: Clojure High Performance Programming, 2nd edition by @kumarshantanu is now available #clojure London #clojure talks at Skills Matter on the 12th of October: amazing #learning resource for #clojure of the devs I’ve talked to in 2015 are writing #Node but want to be learning #Clojure. Not sure what that means. Node crazy popular. @toxi: Day of, vol.2: Announcing intensive, 3-day London workshops in early Nov: #clojure, #clojurescript,… got a revamp! The fall semester _just_ started, and I'm already drowning in homework! #clojure #clojurescript the Clojure Koans. Namaste. #clojure #clojurekoans think i really like #racket scheme. clean, nice doc, and logical dissection of lang issues & jargons. I think it's better than #clojure love #clojure : (defn is-prime? [n] (every? false? (map #(= 0 (mod n %)) (range 2 n)))) @borkdude: Life is like a lazy sequence. You don’t know what’s next or how many days to come. Don’t hold on to the past. #clojure #life @admsyn: Highly recommended #clojure workshop, intensive is an understatement @lambdajobs: Apply now! #Clojure positions at @factual |"Pls don’t make me write any more Java" #cascalog http://… deployed #Clojure app to @appfog using tips from @mstine in 2013 day interviewing some top people with #clojure and #scala dev experience for our Bristol Cloud team #oracletalent data #AI development tools from Franz #Lisp #DataScience #analytics #AllegroCL danger of using test.check is that you might find out your tools are broken, e.g. postgres transactions #clojure my hair apart trying to read some Java cod 4m 2013.Lots of "#WTF is this,#WTF is that,#WTF does this mean.." #Spoilt by #clojure #clojure along with #visualstudiocode. Brave Clojure is a good place to start! @toxi: Day of, vol. 1: New website: with 20+ projects/libraries for computational design in #clojure #cloj… @StephenPiment: Mesomatic: a simple and idiomatic #Clojure facade around the #Mesos JAVA API to help writing Mesos frameworks https://t.…!!! by @toxi → 20+ projects/libraries for computational design in #clojure #clojurescript is the original #racket #scheme #lisp logo. 《A Lambda Logo Tour》 to image: a simple text to image function for Emacs Happy hacking! #emacs #elisp #lisp Verna: ELS 2016 coming in hot! #racket #scheme #lisp in 5 minutes. new to lisp, possible to completely self-modify program? | @RainerJoswig: Three Symbolics #Lisp Machines were rescued:“Common Lisp remains one of the best languages for Artificial Intelligence applications” #AI #lisp #programming Compiling common lisp code using SBCL+emacs+slime | Awesome LispNYC Events Next Week/list-lisp/BLU437-SMTP55F3CE0816FE1F15A12EB3A9360 Allegro Common #Lisp Meets Demand for High Performance Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Applications #scheme #lisp has pattern matching. nice! #racket #scheme #lisp you can use any of (){}[] for paren. Nice. @Franzinc: Allegro CL 10 - Now Available #Lisp #AI #Programming friendlier Clojure"Pixie - A Lightweight Lisp with 'Magical' Powers" by Timothy Baldridge -- StrangeLoop 2015"Could we write a follow-up article, called “The Myth of the Math Genius,” in...Ölçgen/posts/b23C7VuTZgiUsing Duct and compojure-api to build RESTful services programming language reaches v0.3.0 on Windows. and 4 clojure offline 1.2.16 is out! Beane: From Baggers: Tamei categorizes CL forms by purity Greater Code Reuse What is the best way to organize cljs code when using clojurescript with rails? Making of Geneva: A Portable Document System; x-post from r/Common_Lisp to me why I should implement this project in Lisp rather than Smalltalk update of ABCL for the JVM. Malis: Zap a citizen science game written in Racket for evolving camouflage's the stance on free software of the people in this group? there a microservices tutorial in Clojure? released a new leiningen plugin which aims to be a comprehensive way to ... with similar functionality to Ganelon for Enlive? (or examples of Ganelon using Enlive instead of Hiccup) anyone recommend a prebuilt VirtualBox 5 Linux VDI with a low-memory wind...;DR; You might find monads helpful in expressing large computations even in...Ölçgen/posts/2cgHNwtozzRLivestream: RacketCon 2015 actual user applications? - Macrology"Om Next Preview" by David Nolan (ClojureNYC, Sept 2015) reuse in Clojure - Leiningen plugin for easy S3 project deployment and dependency resolution you have two problems - regexp builder."Kolmogorov music" by Christopher Ford"Relevance of ClojureScript" by Jearvon Dharrie programming in Clojure(Script) with Specter created a Clojure wrapper for the Spotify API. If you have the time, I would really like your feedback! do I use FP vs OO? to use a component with constantly updating mutable state? boot production ready? minimal framework for building web applications in Clojure, with a strong emphasis on simplicity. list of Clojure resources :)Ranging from web frameworks to debugging,...'m a little rusty on my Lisp skills, but I did assemble an archive of histor... Bricks (A visual Lisp representation) Lisp, minus the parentheses news: September 2015 Quicklisp dist update now available Lisp compiler and environment in Go"Literate interactive coding: Devcards" by Bruce Hauman (Strange Loop 2015)"Typed Clojure: From Optional to Gradual Typing" by Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant (Strange Loop 2015) Popular Clojure Projects on Github