Lisp News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print. News: Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme news from around the world.All the news that fits, we print.RT @codepot_pl: Let us introduce you: "Codepot"- brand-new name for our 100% workshop conference! Thanks to author: Łukasz Żuchowski! @TheTedNelson: I dislike the Web the same way Stallman dislikes open source and Alan Kay dislikes today's OO-- a dumbdown and betrayal o… an admin there is one thing that it is my practice to ban people for immed... here has used LISP for Project Euler and/or Project Rosalind problems? video games written in LISP? labeling of destruction in Lisp functions? of very first Reagent meetup looks like a quite worthy project to explore and play with. http://reas... C/C++? hosting lisp compiler - with a virus! Beane: Your go-to libraries some quick and dirty with Guile FFI Stein: Trying Clojure again? registration discount for ELS 2015 in London ends on Sunday those pesky datetimes in a clojure stack @_siejkowski: @jaceklaskowski Seems like @zuchos is a serial conference namer Wish there'll be a whole lot more unnamed events waiti… a blog roll !"Taming those pesky datetimes in a clojure stack"http://rundi... Kleiner Trial, Expect Less Shooting from the Hip in Silicon Valley®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0Possibility of creating a Clojure version of CLOS blog post alert! It's about my #Lisp adventure. Hope you find it inspiring. #lisp #scheme there a comp.lang.lisp downloadable archive? Clojure Daily is out! Stories via @nihilipster @AppsFlyer @puredanger declara: "Lo terrible no es la altura, sino la pendiente" Clojure, again? up a Common Lisp development environment using Clisp, Quicklisp, and Sublime Text 3 under Ubuntu; #lisp時の羅針盤@blog: R6RS compliant時の羅針盤blog_r6rs_compliant/Scope of named-readtables:in-readtable? to Clojure/West, and have praise, abuse, or questions about Cursive? Sign up for the unsession here: #clojure promising. And has version number bigger than 1.5, what is quite uncomm... @scgilardi: Correction: 'OH: "Guy language..ever.."' was wildly inaccurate. He did not say that. #clojure #strange… correction. I'm still enjoying #clojure but my 2010 tweet (now deleted) re: Guy Steele's allegedly overheard quote was humor, not fact. @racketlang: (fifth RacketCon) will be held Sep.27 in St. Louis co-located with @strangeloop_stl. Call for speakers/announcement: http:/…"Note that `(complement even?)` is equivalent to `(comp not even)` or `#(not (even? %))`." #clojure Days 2015 - Norbert Wójtowicz - ClojureScript + React.js (...) #reactjs #javascript #clojure #clojurescript @correctdesign: Artificial Intelligence Layer #php #java #html5 #webdev #code #ux #python #cobol #lisp #wordpress… (sort-by odd? (reverse (sort [6 2 1 3 0 9 8 5 7])))) ; => (1 3 5 7 9 0 2 6 8) <3 #clojure @SkardaDan: #Clojure test.check success story: found rare bug while cross-testing CLJ and CLJS code. Simplified. Fixed. Thnx @reiddraper… @Mazira: Thanks @iowatechchicks for the final push, happy to say that all tickets for #clojure workshop have been claimed! #mcti #missio… @ClojureFact: I wrote a tutorial about testing #Clojure web applications with Kerodon - #clojure #clojure or #clojurescript nil or false FTW Securing Clojure Microservices using buddy - Part 4: Secure and libe... like a good stuff, time to restart my #clojure for-fun coding! The alpha site’s live! • • BE EXCITED, DAMMIT • Furthermore: #clojure open sourced a tiny #clojure library to load your edn files with actually helpful error messages.'s awesome that a guy asking about internship opportunities in a #clojure LinkedIn group gets this many responses conditionals in Clojure 1.7! #clojure of that going around with what seem to be Markov-chain generated tweets about #Clojure lately. writing UIs, games or network applications in #Clojure should read @leonardo_borges book on Reactive prg by seems like such a natural progression to me. I've been writing code that uses "voluntary immutability" before I knew #Clojure post: Clojure Reactive Programming has been published - #clojure @ikitommi: Freshly baked: Ring-swagger now also walks over #Clojure Schema Predicates to name & collect the #Swagger 2.0 Models https://… new coffee mug. I am happy :) #clojure Engineer - Mobile - Madison, WI. #clojure #angularjs #jobs #hiring #careers #jobs Hiring experienced engineers who either know Clojure or want to do functional programming. @andyhammar: Nice to see @ulsa in the house! @jayway #clojure I find it easier to code in #Scala and to read others' Scala code... but I find it more rewarding/thrilling to code in #Clojure. @appsflyerdev team is really special & here are some reason why! #Clojure #Clojure have an #equivalent to Python's if __name__==“__main__”? [duplicate]: Possible… to enjoy on a Friday - - get involved. #slack #clojure #haskell #erlang #scala #fsharp Yes! Make EPL 2.0 compatible with GPL 3.0. Please! #clojure #gpl join discussion for next #Clojure meetup in #Bonn: @pdoherty926: It's happening! #clojure #android @MeelisVill: Do you have #Haskell, #Clojure, #Scala, #Java, C/C++, #NodeJS, #Python programming experience? @Guar… compared #clojure vs #elisp - see results: @leonardo_borges: I'm happy to announce my book, @CljReactiveProg , has been published: #fb #clojure Save 50% #Clojure Data Analysis Cookbook #B_DotNet #CelesteSoftware #ExpertDay @bogodev forgot to mention another #clojure weekly is out This issue: hindley-milner, tail-recursion, sisal and much more @Functionalworks: It's Friday again which can only mean one thing! Happy Functional Friday! Spread the #FP love! #clojure #scala #haskel… #Clojure - What should I know about Java and more - @J_Arcane: Remote Clojure REPL for Android with full root privileges. #clojure @EuroClojure: The EuroClojure CFP is now open! Please submit your talks by Apr 20th! #clojure Development with Clojure and Reagent Leiningen Checkouts: Configuring What Ends Up on Your Classpath Racket Manifesto was using boot-1.1.1.jar with Hoplon but got tired of the first real app in Clojure(Script) - I made a memory game. Feedback on code is much appreciated! some Symbolics machine photos @tr1nitr0n "mapify" function.. Source Suggestions'm thinking of switching my servers to Clojure. Any advice? @bodil: The first several Clojure programs I wrote always started with (def car first) (def cdr rest) Eventually I got over it, though. like to thank everyone for their generous donations to LispNYC, thank y... and Liskov Substitution Principle of updates in the reagent-template improved docs for the Brave in True is in Early Access, 30% off with code ZOMBIEHUGS is not a number - Debugging Issue can I make this numerical code run faster? love here for my new toy? replacements? appreciate the generous donations to LispNYC, thank you for nurturing ... Rhodes: els2015 is nearly here Melee is hiring Clojure developers! Parameters in LISP without quote operator (Property List/Semantic Network/Basic Functions) news: GitLab migration and Go-Live - Question a native mpd client for clojure to make sense of all the REPL/tooling (mostly CLJS), so I summarized what I've found out.,Greetings from Uniqsoft!!!We have "Clojure Developer “positions at " Princ... @pete_rood: Woohoo! Got home to my @LispNYC t-shirt and @JaneStreetNYC goodies. Help support their edu efforts! Thanks @heowbert! http:/… uses ASDF2 when SBCL uses ASDF3? Repetition into Data, Routing & Middlewares keyboards --- a nuclear reactor particle panic game, under development in Common Lisp LispNYC/list-lisp/550C8879.2090402Vicare (fork of Ikarus) deveoper on Does the Scheme standard still matter? - Captivating Documentation Question SRFI process proposal database that likes clojure..? - A Lisp dialect for .Net status? feedback for the book "Clojure Web Development Essentials" Cheatsheets is mocl after a year? language's core objects - minimal vs general? Software Developer for Quantum Processor Development group, D-Wave Systems, Vancouver, British Columbia 8-bit battle in the skies article on Clojure and Security. Rhodes: tmus research programmer position