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We'd like to thank Rich Hickey for a great presentation here in New York City on November 10th, 2016

Rich Hickey is best known for creating Clojure, a functional programming language that runs on the Java virtual machine. Rich is also the inventor of ClojureScript, a compiler for Clojure that targets JavaScript, as welll as Datomic which is a fully transactional, cloud-ready, distributed database.

Rich presented Clojure Spec, a new closure library which helps automate Validation, Error reporting, Destructuring, Instrumentation, Test-data generation and Generative test generation

Our sincerest gratitude for an informative and delightful evening!

( meeting - Wednesday, November 7, 7:00 PM - John Cowan: A Scheme Journey from Red to Tangerine and Beyond )

This is a presentation of the current state of Scheme standardization. I'll briefly review the history leading up to the creation of R7RS-small in 2013 and the first stage of R7RS-large in 2016. But most of the talk is about the upcoming Tangerine Edition, which will be voted on in early 2019, and the more or less definite plans for the editions to come after that. There will be lots of get-out-the-vote propaganda (anyone can vote who is interested) and lots of opportunities for questions.

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