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ajlopez: RT @diioannid: Future of #health? This #robot family has already completed over 3 million #robotic surgeries [#video] | via @MikeQuindazzi…
Python for Lisp Programmers (2008)
Marco Antoniotti: Some updates: bugs fixing and CLAD.
Lispjobs: Lisp Developer, 3E, Brussels, Belgium
Christophe Rhodes: algorithms and data structures term2
Victor Anyakin: “A new way of blogging about Common Lisp” by Yehonathan Sharvit
Christophe Rhodes: els2018 reflections
Symbolics Lisp Machine Museum
Apollo Unified S-Band Technical Conference (1965) [pdf]
Didier Verna: Lisp, Jazz, Aikido, 10 years later
Zach Beane: Thoughts on ELS 2018
Quicklisp news: Quicklisp dist update for April, 2018 now available
TurtleWare: McCLIM demo - Gadgets
Lispjobs: Senior Lisp Developer, RavenPack, Marabella, Spain
kovasb: Glad to see my friend @Stefania_druga's article Growing Up with AI blowing up on the internet! https://t.co/Zwv7ING7fV
ajlopez: RT @DD_NaNa_: Artificial intelligence bot beats humans at reading in a first for machines https://t.co/CikFQ4svQE
reddit_lisp: #Common_Lisp Fun with Macros: Gathering / Steve Losh | https://t.co/XWR7mkPG5N
papers_we_love: Monads for functional programming - Wadler https://t.co/Vfk8fY3XdH 3 case studies are looked at: how #monads ease… https://t.co/WOnRSVag7t
reddit_lisp: #Clojure Web development with Clojure — an overview | https://t.co/Gtcz7BkUc3
reddit_lisp: #lisp Interim: a low-level Lisp with compile-time memory management | https://t.co/6ydAFiHP9N
lispmeister: [Amazing talks. Progress!] Undoing Aging 2018 - Undoing Aging 2018 Conference announces Program and Speakers https://t.co/MDXBcxwC1G
LispNYC presentation slides
Lecture 2 of our #Clojure tutorial is out on the #Defold YouTube channel. Subscribe to get the rest! https://t.co/JH36SeEsuh
RT @ScalaJobboard: Are you interested in new technologies? We are working with a leading international #FinTech company who require Clojure…
How do I get the position of a function call in #emacs #lisp?
#Clojure Parameter error checking best practice? | https://t.co/y6m8O5sIzD
たとえば、lispのツイートしようとしたら、ハッシュタグの付け方は #プログラミング #Lisp #vim #emacs #S式 #括弧なんてあったなぁ とかやる奴である。
#Clojure Questions about naming namespaces in Clojure with lein (or manually) | https://t.co/95NBQwX7h0
Starting my second personal project in #clojure. Thist time I'll try Re-Frame instead of https://t.co/rtEacC9mwD. I… https://t.co/tAfmJT3QFm
A deep dive into Clojure's data structures - EuroClojure 2015 #clojure #datastructures https://t.co/TdgBKP0QcU via @SlideShare

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

Providing parentheses to NYC since 2002