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A manufacturing process that produces long strips of high-quality graphene
The AI Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet
Lispjobs: Junior Lisp Developer, RavenPack, Marbella, Spain
otfrom: RT @tchoi8: I meet young engineers who work in problematic companies like Palantir (via teaching and conferences). I'm realizing they are…
Luís Oliveira: Reddit 1.0
Wang Tiles and Turing Machines
Nicolas Hafner: Geometry Clipmaps - Gamedev
McCLIM: Sheets as ideal forms
Quicklisp news: Download stats for February 2018
Nicolas Hafner: Pipeline Allocation - Gamedev
Lispjobs: Software Engineer (Clojure), Chatterbox Labs, UK
Quicklisp news: Quicklisp dist update for February 2018 now available
lisperati: RT @ChiBlockchain: Starting off the afternoon sessions of the #DistributedMarkets #Blockchain Academy with guest speaker @lisperati discuss…
cemerick: Prolog not winning is all the proof you need that there's no god
hmason: RT @jakeporway: Hot take: Let’s use those AI skills/$ for social impact Call me callous, but AI people will be plenty successful. That…
otfrom: RT @plexus: Posting this since it's Friday and no one will notice: I've been working on a new Clojure test runner. https://t.co/3VawVey8e3…
ajlopez: The latest The Artificial intelligence Daily! https://t.co/0PCKyA26qi Thanks to @mhhighered @stumpynat #ai #machinelearning
ajlopez: The latest The Clojure Daily! https://t.co/pyZvchYGgl Thanks to @lagenorhynque @oss_clj @dexia2 #clojure #jvm
LispNYC presentation slides
Cloth: ClojureScript and Clojure library for interacting with Ethereum https://t.co/XiGxmtBEcO #Cloth #Clojurescript #Clojure
Catchy Domain Names For Sale https://t.co/UJLHEIT7oH #UX #UI #nodejs #clojure #perl #reactjs #angularjs #jquery… https://t.co/Q3L3Vgeyrj
#Clojure Datomic: Look at all the things I'm not doing! | https://t.co/XyDNWKCnZH
Ghadi's video presentation on Generative Testing is now available! #chs #clojure @smashthepast https://t.co/41uoKW96Qi
This looks like it will be kind of a mess https://t.co/Kha0dfeiIg. I'm glad I've chosen #Clojure 6 years ago.
Presenting scope-capture (a new #clojure debugging lib) tomorrow at #DCD18. Send me questions if you want them addr… https://t.co/eQkYG7AmFo
#Clojure Clojure story - Stitch | https://t.co/2spXpPZSjt
#Clojure findings #12 The concept of how a lazy sequence in CLJ works is still confusing for me, although if I wou… https://t.co/oT0eCqCfMV
#clojure #jvm #read-eval-print-loop #jrebel #hotswap https://t.co/j24uD5xLgU
Today's confusing bug is brought to you by the fact that #clojure destructuring is always truthy, even when the bou… https://t.co/Yho6xvYwPS
#clojure #specter https://t.co/2YPEOGK3oY

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LispNYC is a nonprofit unincorporated association dedicated to the advocacy and advancement of Lisp-based software and development technologies such as Common Lisp, Clojure and Scheme.

We focus on education, outreach, regular monthly meetings and development projects.

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month, are free and open to all.

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